Links of Interest

The Promise by CW Mills (make sure you read this!)
Invisible People YouTube Channel (on people without homes)
Sky is Pink – Video about fracking
Teaching Sociology – Teaching Sociology Journal
To the last drop – Presentation of the impact of the Tar Sands
Marx’s theory – A quick YouTube video
Sociology of Gossip Clip – Great analysis of why gossip is sociological
Consent Video – the video from VICE about consent
What is McCarthyism? And how did it happen? – Ellen Schrecker – good overview of McCarthyism
CBC Are We Racist? – clip shown in class
Residentional Schools in Canada – A wonderful resource that puts in one place a unique overview of what happened.
The Lady Stripped Bare – A good clip on what women do to get ready in the patriarchy
Pipelines out of Parks – Keeping our parks free of corporate interests
CW Mills Disaster Sociology Presentation – MP3
Do Sociologists Work Outside of Universities? – Good article about the varied things a sociology degree prepares you for
Russell Brand rant – gotta see it to believe it
Harper, Environmentalism and the Tar Sands – Good piece from the NY Times
Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment – Video presented in class
TVAC – Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada
Torture – Not for the faint of heart – describes various implements of torture
CW Mills – A fairly good overview of Mills work as a YouTube video
CorpWatch – A site that attempts to hold corporations accountable for their actions
Amnesty International – Interesting resources on the practice of
World’s Religions – A listing of resources on the world’s religions traditions
Ethics – The Code of Ethics for Sociologists
Status of Women – Federal Governments’ site
Canada Without Poverty – Canadian Organization fighting poverty
Murrow vs. McCarthy – Murrow, a journalist, was instrumental in challenging the McCarthy hearings
Careers in Sociology 4 – Careers in Sociology 5
U.S. Military Spending – What the U.S. spends on their military compared to other countries
Video Clip 1 – Here is the link to the clip about the young man who went to war…
The Caligula Effect: Why Powerful Men Compulsively Cheat – Time article on cheating
Society Pages – US site with interesting sociology perspectives
Violin street performer – How do people react to a violinists in the subway?
Perception – How many passes?
Sociological Images – Great site that uses imagery to see the world a little differently
AFN – Assembly of First Nations homepage
Assisted Suicide – Here is a wonderful resource about a man who wants to end his life with dignity
WaterFootPrint – A great site for information on worldwide water usage
Innovation of Loneliness – Good clip on how social media may lead to increased feelings of loneliness
Love has no boundaries – A feel good clip …
Chevron vs. the Amazon – What was left behind was not pretty
Alone Together – Sherry Turkle’s analysis as shown in class
Senator McCarthy – Clip suggests going against the army was his undoing
Racism in Canada – YouTube on history of racism in Canada
Science, Racism and Colonialism – Scientific Racism The Eugenics of Social Darwinism
Ernestine Johnson performs average black girl – A really powerful spoken word poem … wow.
Nature vs. Nurture
Crossover kids – Good clip on trans kids
Kamikaze Sperm
The Genderbread Person – Graphic to challenge the gender binary
Is Canada racist? – A CBC presentation
Purity Balls – video shown in class
Jon Ronson – How one Tweet can ruin your life
Education – Why I hate school but love education
The Five Largest Religions – Here is a link to a nice overview of each
Using your privilege to fight racism by Travis Jones – Video shown in class in the racialization chapter
Sherry Turkle – Connected, but Alone? – Video shown in class in media section
Making Sociology Matter – My site where I am trying to collect examples of positive impacts of the social sciences
This Changes Everything – Short documentary on the Oil Sands
Cost of National Security in the USWar – A website that estimates how much the War on Terror has cost the US
Welch vs. McCarthy – the famous clip
Our Bodies and lands are not your property – Erica Violet Lee is an Indigenous activist with great insight to share
Content Analysis Overview – A good overview