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Animal Rights

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What are my rights?

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Sociologists explore multiple dimensions of people’s relationships with non-human animals, including urbanization, decolonization, animal welfare, humane jobs, agribusiness, and the environment.

Research Resources

Animals and Society Research Initiative

Animals and Society Institute

Critical Animal Studies at Brock University

Research by Sociologists

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Sociology Courses at UVic

If you would like to explore animal rights and related issues in more depth, the Department offers a number of courses you might be interested in:

SOCI100A – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Social Life
SOCI100B – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Contemporary Society
SOCI202 – Constructing Social Problems
SOCI207 – Ecology, Society and Global Change
SOCI307 – Moral Panics
SOCI309 – Contemporary Social Theorizing
SOCI313 – Sociology of Law
SOCI316 – Social Movements
SOCI318 – Social Change
SOCI331 – Politics and Society
SOCI355 – The Corporation, Capitalism, and Globalization
SOCI388 – Sociology of Food and Eating
SOCI436 – Issues in Sociology and Social Justice
SOCI437 – Issues in Environmental Sociology and Climate Change
SOCI438 – Issues in Contemporary Sociology
SOCI439A – Community Engaged Sociology I
SOCI439B – Community Engaged Sociology II