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Capitalism and the Global Economy

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Products we buy are often made in factories thousands of miles away and are part of transnational gendered processes. Many sociologists explore capitalism, political economy, globalization, and gendered production.

UVic Resources

Department faculty members researching and teaching in the area of Ecology, Global Issues & Social Movements.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

Corporate Mapping Project.

UVic Researchers

Garlick, S. (2020). The nature of markets: on the affinity between masculinity and (neo) liberalism. Journal of Cultural Economy, 13(5), 548-560.

McMahon, Martha. (2012). “Alternatives to globalization: women small scale farmers and local food systems”  in Women in a Globalizing World: Equality, Development, Peace and Diversity, edited by Angela Miles. Toronto, Ontario:, Inanna Publications Inc.

Carroll, William K. (2020). Fossil capitalism, climate capitalism, energy democracy: the struggle for hegemony in an era of climate crisis. Socialist Studies/Etudes Socialistes 14(1).

Research by Sociologists

Fuchs, C. (2018). Capitalism, patriarchy, slavery, and racism in the age of digital capitalism and digital labour. Critical Sociology, 44(4-5), 677-702.

Monticelli, L. (2018). Embodying alternatives to capitalism in the 21st century. tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 16(2), 501-517.

Virdee, S. (2019). Racialized capitalism: An account of its contested origins and consolidation. The Sociological Review, 67(1), 3-27.

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Global Care Chain resources

Sociology Courses at UVic

If you would like to explore capitalism and the global economy in more depth, the Department offers a number of courses you might be interested in:

SOCI100A – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Social Life
SOCI100B – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Contemporary Society
SOCI103 – Settler Colonialism and Canadian Society
SOCI202 – Constructing Social Problems
SOCI215 – Class and Social Inequality
SOCI235 – Racialization and Ethnicity
SOCI321 – Work, Globalization and Labour Movements
SOCI331 – Politics and Society
SOCI355 – The Corporation, Capitalism, and Globalization