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To Serve and Protect?

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Sociologists and criminologists study topics about the law, criminal behaviours, deviance as well as the role of the police in contemporary society.

To see a list of department faculty researching and teaching in the area of the Sociology of Crime and Law.

Research by Sociologists

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Sociology Courses at UVic

If you would like to explore police, law, crime and social justice in more depth, the Department offers a number of courses you might be interested in:

SOCI100A – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Social Life
SOCI100B – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Contemporary Society
SOCI103 – Settler Colonialism and Canadian Society
SOCI202 – Constructing Social Problems
SOCI204 – Self, Identity and Society
SOCI206 – Crime and Deviance
SOCI235 – Racialization and Ethnicity
SOCI312 – White–Collar Crime
SOCI313 – Sociology of Law
SOCI316 – Social Movements
SOCI318 – Social Change
SOCI346 – Sociology of Surveillance
SOCI430A – Issues in Racialization, Ethnicity and Decolonization
SOCI434 – Issues in Deviance, Crime and Law
SOCI436 – Issues in Sociology and Social Justice
SOCI438 – Issues in Contemporary Sociology