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Social Protest and Change

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Social movements often inspire social change. Whether initiated “from above” by governments or corporations or “from below” by activists and social movement organizations, they often harness collective action to alter the way society is organized and functions. Sociologists study these processes of social change and the barriers they encounter, often lending the weight of their expertise to efforts to make the world a better—more just, inclusive—place.

Department faculty members researching and teaching in the area of Ecology, Global Issues & Social Movements.

Research by Sociologists

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Introduction to Social Movements

Sociology Courses at UVic

If you would like to explore social movements and collective action in more depth, the Department offers a number of courses you might be interested in:

SOCI100A – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Social Life
SOCI100B – Introduction to Sociology: Understanding Contemporary Society
SOCI202 – Constructing Social Problems
SOCI204 – Self, Identity and Society
SOCI307 – Moral Panics
SOCI309 – Contemporary Social Theorizing
SOCI316 – Social Movements
SOCI318 – Social Change
SOCI326 – Social Networks
SOCI331 – Politics and Society
SOCI436 – Issues in Sociology and Social Justice
SOCI438 – Issues in Contemporary Sociology
SOCI439A – Community Engaged Sociology I
SOCI439B – Community Engaged Sociology II